Now and Then was a reading series that featured performance texts (and texts about performance) from the past in conversation with current writings. Each event includes two writer/readers sharing a recent work as well as an older piece.  Together, we explored changing trends and contexts of performance in New York City – and beyond. Following the readings, a brief Q&A flowed into an opportunity for more casual conversation.

Admission was free for all events.

Previous readers in the Now and Then series have included:
Ursula Eagly and Jaamil Olawale Kosoko (11/25/2014)
John Jesurun and Marissa Perel (2/24/2014)
Karinne Keithley Syers and Jen Rosenblit (3/17/2014)
Lenora Champagne and Aaron Mattocks (4/7/2014)
Jeanine Durning and Jennifer Monson (7/22/2014)
Andy Horwitz and Mariana Valencia (7/29/2014)
Becca Blackwell and Siobhan Burke (8/5/2014)
Claudia La Rocco and Esther Neff (9/30/2014)
Cynthia Carr and John Kelly (10/28/2014)

Following the reading on August 5th, we kicked off a new project: Haircutting, a structure for conversation. It was an opportunity for an intimate conversation about performance and its context in a public setting. Attendees could choose to have their hair cut and/or styled by another person interested in discussing performance. It was an experiment. It was interesting. We may do it again. Big thanks to Meredith Boggia, Shantelle Jackson, Esther Neff, and Edisa Weeks for participating as stylists in the first event.


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